Sunday 17th – Stand Alone for God

Sometimes in life you have to stand alone for God. Noah found himself in the strange situation of being the only person in the entire world who found grace in the eyes of the Lord.

Everywhere I go I find that people just want to be normal; they want to be accepted, to fit in. Teenagers experience tremendous peer pressure to conform to the values of the community whether for good or evil. Those who don’t conform face being excluded from the community. For many, this will lead them to compromise and even change their long-held beliefs and values.

Likewise Daniel refused to eat the king’s meat. Eating the meat would represent a compromise in his values and he was willing to risk his life for his beliefs.

Creation Conference 26th April

On 26th April we will be hosting a creation conference with internationally renowned speaker, John Mackay at: Beaufort Suite, Churchgate, Cheshunt, EN8 9XE

It will begin about 7.30 and end around 9pm. Do come out and be informed about the important issues around this subject and bring a friend.


Baby Christening Sunday 14th February

On Sunday 14th February a dedication was held in the church to present Ryan Healiss to the Lord and seek God’s blessing over his life. It was a wonderful service and a great opportunity for friends and family of Irene and Billy to celebrate together on this special occasion

Christmas Dinner

This year our Christmas dinner will be held on December 20th in the Huntingdon Suite (opposite the Beaufort Suite). There will be presentations, songs and, of course, scriptural thoughts about Christmas. Afterwards, there will be a light afternoon ‘tea.’

We hope you will invite your family and friends and celebrate with us this year.

MacMillan Cancer Event

On the 26th October 2015 about eighty people came together to raise funds and stand with those whose lives are affected by cancer. The event was a tremendous success and we raised over £800.00 for research and charity.